Daily uses of EFT with A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

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This article by Elisheva Bilow-Rose may be useful to those who study A Course In Miracles. However, this is likely of interest only to ACIM students. We do not favor any specific religion or spiritual practice within EFT.

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By Elisheva Bilow-Rose

To G and to my loving and supportive EFT family, Thank you for bringing me so much freedom!

I would like to share how I have blended EFT and ACIM in my meditation practice. In Colleen Flanagan's newsletter article, Using EFT with A Course in Miracles teachings , she points out where we may have blocks to believing that the lessons from the Course could really apply to us, especially because of negative conditioning from our religious backgrounds. For example, we may have a lot of trouble regarding ourself as a miracle worker, because we were taught that only Jesus or the saints were entitled to miracles.

Because the 365 days of ACIM is already part of my daily routine, I often find that the daily lesson is perfect to use as an affirmation. This helps me to keep the positive wording in my EFT practice fresh and lively, and also works to reinforce the ACIM teaching for the day. I feel free to vary the affirmation, or expand on the lesson in my own words. So, as an example,

Even though I am experiencing this stress, "I am blessed as a Son of God" (Lesson 40).

..I choose to know that I am a blessed Son (Daughter) of God.
..I know that I am truly blessed.
..I accept God's blessings in my life.

I also find that tapping the points while reading the lesson, or while repeating the idea for the day to myself, helps to ground the lesson more firmly in my understanding. It also seems to help me move through the tail-enders, or blocks to believing the lesson, without always having to know what they are.

I also like to use Donna Eden's five-minute energy routine to start my day, including the one called the "Zip-Up." She recommends adding an affirmation for the day as you practice the Zip-Up, so that's another opportunity as part of a morning routine to take in the ACIM idea for the day in a deeper way.


Elisheva Bilow-Rose