EFT brings relief for ALS

Hi Everyone,

After diligence with EFT, Maureen Aspinall from the UK gets impressive relief from her ALS symptoms. In my experience with Serious Diseases, however, persistence will be required to maximize the results. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, G

By Maureen Aspinall

Dear G,

A while back I read something you had written about patients with degenerative diseases like Parkinsons not continuing with treatment despite success in eliminating symtoms, so that it was hard to know if EFT could cure them.

I suffer from ALS, known in the UK as Motor Neuron Disease, which you will know is an incurable and terminal condition, causing muscle weakness and shrinkage. I have been luckier than many with this condition in that I have practised and taught Yoga for many years and have therefore been able to slow the loss of flexibility and strength. Nevertheless I have many disagreeable symptoms, the most troublesome of which has been a tendency to hesitate and become imobile when there is need for me to do something suddenly, like answering the phone or doorbell, known in the family as "freezing" In the last few montbs the condition has deteriorated, inhibiting movement, even just crossing a room. Embarrassing and dangerous, leading to falls......I broke a hip in February.

I have tapped on this problem with no success for several months, investigating every emotional problem I could think of from early childhood to the present day. And suddenly, yesterday, I was able to move without hindrance! I couldn´t believe it and neither could my husband! But it is true! Today I can walk around obstacles, approach chairs and tables and climb steps quite smoothly. It is amazing! (I haven' yet had to answer the phone though).

There are several more symptoms to tackle one by one, the next being insomnia, but I am writing to express my gratitude.

With all good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Maureen Aspinall