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Tomorrow I am going to visit a friend who had a stroke about 5 months ago. She cannot swallow. As a result, she must spit out all the silava that gathers in her mouth, she cannot clear her lungs properly and gets bronchitis frequently. She must be fed through a tube that is permanently implanted in her stomach.

I am new at EFT but have had some great results on myself and my children. I am going to try EFT on my friend the stroke victim to se if I can help her gain the ability to swallow. I would sure appreciate any suggestions on how to go about this.<>

I was unable to find anything about strokes in the Archives. Even if I don't hear from you right away, I will of course visit her again and would love to hear from you at any time. 

<>Most sincerely, Annie Campbell.......near Ithaca, NY. USA


It's wonderful that you are hoping to help your friend with EFT.  I'd suggest you look into the metaphor of what was it that she couldn't swallow in her life at the time that this symptom first appeared.  Often our bodies are very literal in the messages that they give us.  Perhaps there was something said to her that she couldn't swallow, or a situation or circumstance in her life that was difficult for her to swallow.  Or if the problem with swallowing happened AFTER the stroke - perhaps there is something around her not being able to swallow what happened to her with the stroke or immediately after it.

If you use her own words and really listen to them, you may find more along these lines to tap on.

Lung issues and bronchitis often indicate issues to do with grief.  There might be grief around what has happened to her since the stroke that she is having difficulty processing.  I'd suggest a gentle exploration to find our how she feels about what happened to her and see if there is any grief that comes up.  A few years ago I ended up seriously ill with pneumonia and while I didn't have EFT at the time, I can now look back and see that I had intense grief around the state the world and our food supply back then, and I'm sure that manifested in me nearly being unable to breath due to intense grief. 

I'd also suggest a gentle exploration around what was going on in her life leading up to the stroke too.  Hopefully someone with experience with strokes will be able to suggest for angles to look at here.

Very best wishes,


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Hello Annie

Your friend is so fortunate to have such a caring friend as you. I have heard that, because a stroke often affects only one side of the body, that tapping across the body is good for stimulating the two brain halves to communicate. So you could try alternating the sides of the body as you tap. 

Jo has already given you some excellent advice about issues to consider when working with the emotions behind the physical symptoms. One of the things to always take care of when starting EFT is how she feels about all this and about herself right now. Frustration, anger, shame, guilt are all blocking emotions that could reduce the effectiveness of your efforts with EFT. I know from my step-mother's experience when she had her stroke that she became incredibly scared and that that didn't really release for over two years. However, she wasn't open to EFT! 

As Jo said, the most important thing really is to listen to her, and if she just needs to talk, you could tap gently as you listen. One of the most affirming and validating things to do for someone who has experienced such a shock is for them to know that someone else really understands their point of view on the whole event. It might even mean that you need to start with processing the events around the stroke before any other work can be approached.

Good luck with this and I really look forward to hearing about your successes.


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 Hi there

My father suffered from severe strokes which meant his brain was very severely damaged and he could not swallow.  If I knew EFT at the time I would have been tapping for his fear, frustration, anger and terror.

I was once asked to visit a stroke patient, they were told EFT was like acupuncture and were looking for a miracle.  Therefore the family were not interested in hearing about what EFT really was about.  However in the time I was there I tapped for all of the above and also her guilt as she blamed herself for getting too stressed.  She felt relaxed and had less tension in her mouth and jaw so her tongue felt easier afterwards.

Her husband was a deeply unpleasant man, not just because of his fear, he had a reputation of being aggresive and difficult and he almost threw me out the house.  I was extremely traumatised as he had downplayed her condition and I did not expect to see someone as bad as my dad had been, so it had triggered me, but I know in that 30 mins I made a difference and I hope she was able to remember how to do the mental tapping for herself.

EFT can do alot to help serious illness, even if it is to allow someone to die with dignity.  If you email me via the contacts I can send you some info on how to address the emotions of someone with a serious illness and what to consider.

I really do wish you all the best in bringing some comfort to your friend, and I know what an agony it must be for you to see her in this condition.

If she cannot talk, then sit with her and just allow yourself to 'feel' her and gently say the words for her.  What you need most is love.

Here are some articles that might give you some guidance.


Best wishes



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