Winning With EFT

 I saw a Robert Smith video on youtube that showed that positive winning affirmations let someone win in a casino on the slot machines.

Smith commented that it was hard to explain but agreed it was possible as did his lecture audience.


Is this true and if so how is it done, i play poker online so this could be very good!

 The first thing to do is to eliminate any resistance to achieving a win. Then you would tap in the affirmation. 

Good places to begin tapping would be: 

If you decide to give this a shot, let us know how it goes :-)

 I will try and give it a shot but i dont really know how to tap in those affirmations as Robert Smith didnt show it clearly in his video.


Would i just tap in the sequence : This process will work... I can influence... etc


Or would i say the negative version of them sentences

 To tap in an affirmation, here's one way of doing it: 

Karate chop: Even though I used to believe it was impossible to use EFT to increase my chances of winning, I now accept that it's definitely a possibility. 

Meridian points: Changing my views....accepting the possibility...trusting in this process completely


One more thing, remember that it's very important to tap out the negatives before you go working on any affirmations. One good way to check whether you still have any negatives left is to use a statement such as "I'm going to be very lucky tonight playing poker", or "I completely trust that EFT will increase my chances of winning", and see how true that feels for you. If you still can't believe it at least 80 percent, chances are there are still some resisting beliefs within you.