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I am just starting to explore EFT. I just read some of the new work being done with vision...I am wondering if anyone has any experience with macular degeneration ( the wet kind) . I want to try this on my 87 year old mother- we are getting desperate for her vision. My other question is, she has had a stroke, so onby her left hand is workable.. can she tap with one hand? Or can I tap for her? Please help if you can. Thank you.


You can tap on your mother physically or you can tap for her on yourself as if you were her (surrogate tapping). Ask your mother how she feels about not seeing well? Ask her to describe in detail how she and it feels to her and use those words in your set up phrase. For example if she says she feels frustrated, try:

Even though I feel frustrated, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself. Repeat 'this frustration' as the reminder phrase on the points and if after one round she does not feel better, repeat 'this remaining frustration' or 'even though I still have this frustration ...'

Diet can also really help, dark coloured berries, like bilberries, blueberries, fish oils to counteract the oxidation. Inflammation is a big factor too, both from diet and emotions! So you could tap on that too. Hope this is of some help, write back to let us know more if you need to

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 Hi there,

Your mother can certainly tap with one hand if she's inclined, or you can tap for her as Namaste suggested. Talk to her about the physical experience she's having living with the macular degeneration such as what does it feel like, what is she able to see, how does it affect her daily life, what are her fears, and take what you know about the process of macular degeneration and turn all of that into setup and reminder phrases. If your mom is willing to share emotional information, you can ask her questions such as "If this degeneration had something to say to you what would it be?" or "What emotional event does this degeneration remind you of?" and use the information to make setup and reminder phrases.

I focus on chronic and terminal illness in my practice and I find it's always helpful to think of any illness as a metaphor. Wet macular degeneration is caused by blood vessels invading the macula so one path you could explore would be "in what ways has something invaded your 'vision' of the world and distorted what you wanted to see?" 

I don't know if you've explored this with an opthalmologist but there are also injections that are available for the wet type that seem to be effective. Best of luck to you both!



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