Money and Being Worthy Tapping

 Happy Thanksgiving to all the Abundance Participants!!

Most self-help teachers agree that one of the biggest blocks to wealth and abundance is the issue of being worthy.  Most people just are not good receivers. They might be good givers but when it comes to receiving they are resistant.  Set the intention to be an excellent receiver. How do you know if you are poor receiver? Do you accept compliments when given or deflect them? Do you accept any amount of money given to you and say thank you?  Whom do you pay first? Do you spend a portion at least 10 percent of your earnings on treating yourself to something nice? Rich people pay themselves first, treat themselves to something nice with at leat 10 percent of their earnings, accept all blessings (compliments or money) and express gratitude for it.  Please enjoy this piece of love

I love you!!



The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows:

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

“Even though I am unworthy of wealth and abundance, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway”.

“Even though I feel that I am not good enough to have buckets of cash, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself”.

“Even though I am undeserving of having financial freedom because my financial success will take from others, I love and appreciate myself”.

First Round (Problem Phrases)

Eyebrow: "I am really unworthy of wealth and abundance."

Side of Eye: "Who am I to have lots of money."

Under Eye: "I do not deserve to have loads of money."

Nose: "I will be hurting others by being abundant."

Chin: "Donald Trump might have it but it does not mean I should."

Collarbone: "Me and having lots of money, I don’t think so."

Under Arm: "I cannot accept that much money."

Under Nipple Point: “I have to pay every one else first before me.”

Head: "I am so unworthy of having wealth and abundance”

Second Round (Problem Phrases)

Eyebrow: "I do not deserve nice things."

Side of Eye: "My friends and family will hate me for having more than enough."

Under Eye: "I was told that I was inadequate a long time ago."

Nose: "I do not deserve to ask my clients for that much money for my products or services."

Chin: "I cannot take more because others are poor."

Collarbone: "I do not want to stand out and be harassed for having money."

Under Arm: "That is greedy of me to want more money."

Under Nipple Point: “I always knew that I was not good enough.”

Head: "I feel so unworthy of having money”

Third Round (Positive Solution)

Eyebrow: "I am worthy of wealth and abundance."

Side of Eye: "I am really grateful to have money to do nice things for myself.”

Under Eye: "There is more than enough and I can never take too much."

Nose: "I can only help others by being happy and abundant."

Chin: "I deserve wealth and abundance just as much as Bill Gates does."

Collarbone: "I can help thousands by being rich."

Under Arm: "I choose to pay myself first."

Under Nipple Point: “I choose to spend some money on doing something nice for me.”

Head: "I deserve financial freedom and the ability to do what I want, where I want, and when I want”

Fourth Round (Positive Solution)

Eyebrow: "I am a child of the Universe/God of course I am deserving of all good things."

Side of Eye: "I am open to receiving massive amounts of wealth into my life.”

Under Eye: "I accept all blessings from the Universe by saying “Thank You."

Nose: "I deserve to have more than enough money for the things I want."

Chin: "If Oprah deserve wealth, so do I."

Collarbone: "I am already worthy of wealth and abundance."

Under Arm: "I appreciate all the beauty that is me."

Under Nipple Point: “My being kind to myself will only help others to do the same.”

Head: "I am so grateful for all the blessings that currently in my life.”

Take a deep breath and see how you feel from a scale from 1-10 and then continue tapping by including “Even though I feel some remaining _____ or “Even though I still feel _____. 

This is important because it reminds that you that you still have this issue.  By trying to ignore it or sweep it under the rug, you create self-sabotage or psychological reversal where you revert back to similar patterns of thinking or being.


Peace, abundance, and much prosperity!!
Curtis Duncan
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Hi Curtis,

thank you for the wonderful tapping sequence and abundance advice.  It really was a gift.  I think I'll go over it every day for a week and see what happens.  Immediately, I remembered my mom telling me that it wasn't polite to receive and it was better to say no.  What?! 

For years I've been "polite" and told the universe, no thank you, I don't want or need anything.  Crazy.

(But now  - Universe, I know you're listening -  I'm just letting you know I'm ready to receive.)

Thanks Curtis,

Here's knowing the Universe will be showering you with all manner of abundance, joy love and success (and anything else your heart desires)



Wow, this is awesome! I know for me I have been told at some point that it is always better to give than to receive. It did not connect with me until reading your session. I am a giver and am just learning to be a receiver. I use to get embarassed when ever someone would compliment me. I now force myself to smile and say thank you. I know I will get to the point that I won't have to force it, but you gotta start somewhere:):) I am going to use your session as I think it hits on a lot of points for me that I didn't realize were there. Thanks so much for putting this on the forum!!!!!




Thank you for a great tapping script ... I appreciate the humor ....


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Hello Curtis,

Happy New Year! and thank you for sharing the script.  I am relatively new to EFT and wanted to clarify how best to work with the script.  At this time I have be working with the Basic Recipe  - Set-up, Sequence, Gamut, Sequence....Can you please explain the script alittle bit further...I am wondering if you are using shortcuts, if the Set-up Statements are done each followed by the rounds, or Said once each then followed by the rounds...Help!

Thanks for sharing the process.



 Greetings Giscelle,

Thank you for your note.  No, I am not using shortcuts with my script. I usually use a variety of phrases in the set-up and will tap on all those phrases during the round. What I usually do is to focus on the problem in the beginning of the tapping and then tap on what I want to end the whole round.  I am doing the negative and positive on one EFT round. You could do one set-up phrase that really resonates with you, negative or positive, and then do a round with that phrase.  I would always say that do whatever feels best for you. I hope this was helpful to you.  Thanks and have a good one!!

Peace, abundance, and much prosperity!!
Curtis Duncan
Inspirational Speaker, Law of Attraction Coach, and Author
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Thanks so so so much for this tapping. It helped me to remember  to tap on this issue regularly to help change the blocks

Love and Laughter Judith